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I Tried A 3-Day Detox For The First Time. Here’s What Happened.

It’s 5:30 am. It’s a new day.

You slowly prop yourself up, do some gentle stretches and suddenly wince. You totally forgot about that sharp pain in the back of your neck that has been plaguing you for 7 years.

You get up to have some breakfast. Maybe you’ll feel a little better. You’re halfway through when you feel that familiar burning and sizzling sensation in your tummy. It’s the acid reflux flaring up again. Sigh...

Then you go to work and meet your colleague, Debbie, who’s sneezing and blowing her nose. You politely walk away (or run away) because it’s not fun to come down with the flu for the fourth time this year.

Does this sound familiar to you? I’d be the first person to raise my hand.

Let me add some of my 'tiny' issues to the list: dry and itchy skin, hair fall, low energy at 3:00 pm, dizziness, headaches.

They’ve been my annoying and constant companions for several years until I thought of trying out a 3-day detox program. Here’s what happened.

The Simple Reset That Changed My Life

Confession: I forgot that my body is a temple. In the past, I loaded it up with fast food and processed food during get-togethers, meetings at work, and parties. I thought I was cool and productive if I hustle and grind every day. I used to believe that downtime was synonymous with laziness. I’d feel guilty when I’d slow down and turn the switch off.

I also took lots of high-dose antibiotics and other medications that inflamed my gut, which resulted in a chain reaction in my body.

So, in August 2017, I decided to try the 3-Day Detox Program on Labor Day weekend.


It was my first time so I was a little apprehensive. Honestly, I was afraid I might get hungry, weak, dizzy, and lethargic. I was also worried that I’d quit on the second day. Moreover, I was not sure if it would work for me. To make this a little easier, here’s what I did before the program:

  • I scheduled the detox on a long weekend and I made sure my calendar was clear. No work or major activity that would use my energy up.
  • I watched all the videos and consumed the content of the program weeks before starting. (I even did this more than once.)
  • I made sure the ingredients were complete a week before.
  • I recruited my mom to join me. (This is my best tip for you. Get a detox buddy. 🙂)

During the Detox: This is It!

I knew that there would be some detox symptoms but they are different for everyone. Here are my observations during the program (Yes, I’ve finally listened to my body after a long time):

  • I was surprised day 1 was an easy day. The food satisfied me. I was not super full like with my usual meals but I was not hungry either.
  • When I woke up on day 2 and day 3, I was perspiring, which was unusual. I continued perspiring for about 2 hours and I felt so good.
  • Day 2 was the toughest for me. I woke up with a headache which I treated with hydration and an organic balm. I also had some hunger pangs. But more green juices or salad did the trick for me.
  • On day 3, I felt like a feather flying freely in the air. I didn’t realize how bad my pains were until I felt better. I didn’t even know my knees were hurting until they were pain-free! It was the last day but I felt I could continue the program for a couple more days (yeah, I felt that good.)
  • The menu was the same everyday so it was very easy to follow (green juice, salad, tea, veggie soup)

Post Detox: New Beginning

I was a new woman. I felt I was a teenager again. I literally felt so light that I could run faster!

What happened with my annoying chronic companions?

  • My neck and back pains were gone.
  • My tummy became noticeably flat. No pain there as well.
  • I haven’t had any respiratory issues.
  • My head was clear.
  • I learned how to listen to my body and how to be present.
  • My energy levels set a record in my adult life.
  • My skin inflammation subsided.
  • Hair-fall stopped.
  • Biggest Takeaway: Resting or downtime does not mean you’re lazy, or you’ll miss out, or you’ll get behind with your responsibilities. Actually, it makes you more productive, more alert, more efficient and you come up with fresh and brilliant ideas fast.

The One Thing I Wish I Did


I forgot to document the whole journey. I didn't even take some photos before, during and after the program. Oh well, I can do this again anyway. Plus, I’m enjoying my new body!

What’s Next?

If you haven’t tried a detox program before, or you feel you need another reset, do these:

  • Get your calendar and pick a holiday, long weekend, or a vacation.
  • Choose a detox program that will work for you.
  • Mark and save at least 3 days for your detox.
  • Recruit at least 1 person to do this with you.
  • Prepare your materials for documentation. You can start as early as today in listing your health issues, measurements, expectations and intentions.

Back At You

Have you picked the dates? What are those 3 dates and why did you choose them?

Not ready yet? What’s holding you back?

Have you tried detoxing before? How was your experience? Any tips to share to maximize the benefits of cleansing?

Please share your thoughts below and share this article with your detox buddies.

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Mary Gutierrez

I help women with chronic illness thrive by sharing natural healing success stories, tools, programs and tips that focus on real food.

  • Claire Saul says:

    Really interesting post Mary! I have shared your link on PainPalsBlog reg feature Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! Claire x

  • I have been on the fence for years in trying one of these. But I am with you…I have definitely forgotten my body is a temple and thought of it more as a gas station of late. Sounds like you had great success and I may be trying one shortly – thanks for sharing.

    • Mary Gutierrez says:

      Hey Katie! I feel you. I had been on the fence for a long time before I jumped in. I had a lot of doubts and fears (my chronic symptoms screaming at me). So I researched and looked for the program I thought would work for me. 3 days was also short so I felt it was not too much for a newbie like me. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope it will work for you.

  • Heather says:

    I love a good detox! 3 days is manageable yet you feel like you accomplished something at the end. I usually do one at the new year and right before summer. Great article!

    • Mary Gutierrez says:

      That’s awesome, Heather! I think twice a year is ideal and manageable. And your timing is great. Way to go!

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