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Helping Spoonies Thrive

One Bite at a Time!

We help women with chronic illness thrive by sharing our natural healing journey

We help spoonies transform their lives one bite at a time by sharing curated tools, resources and programs on real nutrition.

We envision every spoonie empowered with the right knowledge and tools and applying them to choose, prepare and eat good and real food.

“Hope means you vibrate at a higher frequency and attract healthier people and inspire hope in others. If you never give up hope, you never quit.”

- Dr. Julie Parker Collins

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“Dieting sucks simply because most diets are not sustainable, they tend to be too calorically restrictive, which in turn will slow down your metabolism...”

- Shari Fitness

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“Surround yourself with people that understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and will support you in your journey.”

- Sarah Greenfield

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“There truly is no easier way to cook wholesome, homemade meals at home than to fill it up with good-for-you food, push a button, and walk away!”

- Stephanie O'Dea

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“Simply identify your family's 12 recipes, make small adjustments to make them healthy, and enjoy tasty, familiar foods your family already likes.”

- Joe Piscatella

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“It's when we overwhelm ourselves by trying to change multiple things at once that we give up and go back to our unhealthy ways.”

- Jordan Rubin

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“Food can act as medicine and as a part of many celebrations, so don't put such rigid boundaries on your diet that you feel deprived.”

- Dr. Rachel Sterry

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