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Healthy Eating Power Hour Series

Do you want to learn how to take control of your health? These three LIVE global online events will help YOU put healthy eating into ACTION With John and Ocean Robbins featuring special guests Joel Fuhrman, MD, Kris Carr, and Neal Barnard, MD in 3 distinct and life-changing events. CLAIM YOUR FREE SPOT HERE!

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Healthy Snacks

It never fails, there’s a pang that hits our stomach around 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon.  This little bit of hunger is easily overcome by a healthy snack. Instead of reaching for those chocolate chip cookies, why not some apple wedges with a little peanut butter on them?  You could even grab a handful […]

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Tips for Healthier Living

Stock your fridge with celery or carrots Keep a bowl of fruits ready to be eaten out on the table or kitchen counter Eat warm vegetable soup on a cold day Eat at least one salad per day Snack on apples and oranges or dried fruits Add sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes to sandwiches for […]

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Tips for Choosing Fruit and Vegetables

When possible, choose fresh fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients than frozen or dried Frozen and canned vegetables are good for those fruits and vegetables that are out of Choose fruits and vegetables from a variety of different colors. Keep your vegetables healthy by adding minimal butter, margarine and oil. Be careful when cooking […]

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Is Your Diet Healthy Enough?

Everyone wants a healthier diet, but with all of the conflicting nutrition information in the media it is hard to determine what type of diet is healthy. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy diet. It is important to evaluate the current diet that you eat before you embark on a plan to […]

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