Tips for Healthier Living

  • Stock your fridge with celery or carrots
  • Keep a bowl of fruits ready to be eaten out on the table or kitchen counter
  • Eat warm vegetable soup on a cold day
  • Eat at least one salad per day
  • Snack on apples and oranges or dried fruits
  • Add sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes to sandwiches for variety.
  • Garnish meals with grated or chopped carrots
  • Eat two servings of veggies with each dinner
  • Try vegetable stir fry
  • Make vegetable kebobs on the grill
  • Use baked apples or pears for dessert
  • Add veggies such as carrots, cabbage, onions, lentils and peas to soups, stews and casseroles.

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Mary Gutierrez

I help women with chronic illness thrive by sharing natural healing success stories, tools, programs and tips that focus on real food.