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Looking for a No-Fluff Pinterest Marketing Course? This One is a Game-Changer For Me (Finally!)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

You already knew that Pinterest is a semi-social media, semi-search engine that can drive a lot of free traffic to your site. So you read a ton of blog posts about it, joined free Pinterest challenges and bought about 5 different courses because you wanted to get it right and set it up the right way. Now, you have a business account, claimed your website, enabled rich pins, joined group boards, pin your blog posts and other people’s content regularly, and join weekly share threads in different FB groups.

And… you admit that you don’t have a Pinterest strategy in place. You just know that you need to pin regularly and maybe use a scheduler like Tailwind? That’s it?

You want to step up your Pinterest game but you don’t know how and every other course out there seems like saying and teaching the same thing - “Pinterest is a semi search engine so use keywords in your pin descriptions, titles, etc. Just type your topic or one keyword on Pinterest search bar and it will pull up related and most commonly searched keywords from left to right.” Stuff like that.

You’ve heard all of that, followed their advice and want to learn something new… something a little bit more in-depth. You’re willing to buy a course but hopefully, a fair-priced one.

I hear you. I feel you. Sorry for the long intro but that was actually my rant around October last year (2018). Bear with me for 1 more minute, will yah?

It was the Genius Bloggers Toolkit season and I was wondering if I should get it again (I got the one in 2017 and it was a huge help for a total newbie like me.). I checked the list of Pinterest courses and one name stood out - Anastasia Gutnikova. Wow, someone new. She had a course about scheduling using Tailwind in the toolkit. I almost bought the entire toolkit but I had a hunch that she had more courses.

I googled her name and found her site. Lo, and behold, I saw her Pinterest course called Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets. To make the long story short, I reached out to one of the reviewers, looked for more reviews and read the sales page over and over again and finally bought the course.

But I know you have lots of questions running in your mind right now. And I’m pretty sure, you’re asking the same questions I did when I came across this course. Don’t worry. I got you. I listed all the questions below and my honest answers like a friend to a friend, a sister to a sister. Nothing salesy or smarmy (yuck!). Short and straight forward. I promise. I’d just like to help you discern if this is the right one for you.

Here we go.

1. Who is Anastasia? If she's really successful, how come her name doesn’t ring a bell?

Anastasia AKA Anastasia Blogger started her first blog in February 2017 and her second blog in February 2018. So, she’s fairly new in this business. Last year (2018), after 10 months, her blogging business took off that she was able to quit her 9-5 job. And she launched her Pinterest SEO course in August 2018.

Mediavine even featured a couple of her blog posts on their Facebook page.

Those things about her gave me hope that it’s still possible to succeed in the blogging business in this day and age when the internet world is already crowded with blogs.

2. Will this work for a blogging newbie?

Yes and no.

Is that weird? Hear me out.

I had been blogging for a year when I took this course and I still consider myself as a new blogger. The course has been working for me and I strongly believe that it will continue to do so. Anastasia updates the course for any Pinterest changes.

But if you don’t have the following in place, yet, I highly suggest that you take care of them first. There are a lot of free tutorials and cheaper courses that can help you with them.

- Pinterest business account
- Claim your website
- Enabled rich pins
- Minimum of about 20 blog posts
- Pinterest boards
- Basic pin designing

The course touches on these topics but it doesn’t go through them as detailed as the other tutorials. Besides, Pinterest SEO is the main topic of the course.

3. How about for a seasoned or more experienced blogger?

Absolutely! Anastasia guarantees that you haven’t seen about 50% of the content anywhere else. Well, I’m not a seasoned blogger, so I can say that about 70% was entirely new to me. The word ‘secrets’ wasn’t just for marketing. It’s true. Most of her students say the same thing.

4. How about help and support?

Five stars. We have a private FB group and she hangs out there everyday and answers questions within 24 hours. Her responses are long and comprehensive. She always goes above and beyond.

5. What's inside? What are the lessons?

Here’s a screenshot of the curriculum and if you want a virtual tour and take a peek, shoot me an email at

best pinterest marketing course

6. Do I need to buy any plugins or tools, like a scheduler to apply the strategies?

Yes and no. (Here I go again. Sorry.)

Yes, for your sanity. You need to pin everyday, create new pin images every week, create new boards at least once a month, etc.

If you can manage everything with manual pinning, then the answer is no. The course will not force you to sign up to Tailwind. You’ll get a sweet deal through Anastasia’s link, though - $30 coupon.

7. My niche is __________. Will it work for me?

The answer is on Pinterest. Search for your niche/topic there, or go to

8. How long will it take to finish it?

It took me about a month. It’s a self-paced course.

9. What are your results?

I started implementing the lessons in mid-November 2018 and around mid-December, I had my first viral pin. It’s been 2 months now and it’s still exploding. Take a look below.

Pinterest viral pin

Screenshot taken on  Feb 12th

From mid-November 2018 to mid-February, I crossed the 100K monthly viewers milestone on Pinterest. It was from 11K to 100K in about 3 months.

Pinterest monthly viewers

10. How much is it?

It’s $197. If you want more help (1on1 coaching, Pinterest Audit, FB chat support, etc. ), it’s $297.

11. Uhm, that sounds too good to be true, can't you even say a single negative comment about the course?

I can’t deny the ‘overwhelm’ that I felt when I was done with the course. Although Anastasia did a great job in breaking down the steps, there was a lot to take in and the course was meaty. I was like, “Okay, so what should I do first? Then, what’s next and next and next. Which one should I do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Do I even need to do something daily? How do I put all these things together?” 

There’s a workbook and lesson assignments but when everything was done, I didn’t know how to continue.

So, I created my own system and workflow to make sure that I’m on track and applying what I’ve learned. If you decide to purchase the course through my link, I’ll share my system with you. Plus, I’ll be your study buddy, accountability partner and cheerleader. Fair enough?

Just email me a copy of your payment confirmation to and I’ll add you to my FB messenger for quick communication. Not on Facebook? No problem. We can use Skype or email.

Here’s the link to the course if you want to learn more.

Your Turn

Do you have other questions? Email me at

I understand if you need more time to research or think about it. Just save the image below to your Pinterest Marketing or Blogging Resources board on Pinterest so you can read this again later. (Did you see what I just did there? Yes, I learned that from the course. No idea what I'm talking about? Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know 😉 )

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