Heal cystitis, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, and urinary incontinence naturally

This Nutritional Therapy Student’s Diet That Really Works for Her Bladder Issues


  • Layla's natural healing journey
  • The diet that has helped heal her chronic bladder issues
  • The two books that turned her health around
  • Layla's advice to women facing similar challenges
This Nutritional Therapy Students Diet That Really Works For Her Chronic Bladder Issues

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Tell us the story of your health issues. What were your symptoms?

I had bladder issues since I was a child. When I moved abroad after school I started developing chronic urinary tract and kidney infections. After a very stressful time in the last year of university, I had my worst bout of urinary tract infections for which I was prescribed antibiotics. After several courses I developed chronic bladder pain that was there 24/7. I also started to develop really bad IBS symptoms. My symptoms would flare up every time I ate something sweet.

Could you give us a quick list of foods you incorporate in your diet and the foods you avoid?

I follow a paleo template, so I eat vegetables, grass-fed meat, free range eggs, wild fish and some bone broth and fermented foods. I occasionally eat fermented dairy and legumes. I avoid grains and especially gluten.

What are the two books that helped you in your healing journey?

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (by Natasha Campbell-McBride), Nourishing Traditions (by Sally Fallon)

If there's someone reading this who is having some bladder issues, what would you like to tell them?

Find the root causes and treat them, ideally with the help of an experienced functional medicine practitioner. Follow a real food diet rich in nutrients. Get tested and make sure you don't have lingering infections. Focus on gut health.

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Layla is a Nutritional Advisor and Nutritional Therapy Student. She has recovered from bladder issues such as IC and chronic infections, naturally. Her mission is to provide helpful, informative and science-backed material to empower others to overcome bladder issues naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.

Connect with her:
Website: www.bladder-help.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bladderhelp
Twitter: @bladder_help

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Discover Layla's natural healing journey, the diet that has helped heal her chronic bladder issues
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