How Green Smoothies Transformed My Life

You've been experiencing a slew of symptoms for years and it beats you with every flare. You've seen different doctors but every visit breaks your heart because they have different and sometimes conflicting opinions and diagnoses.

You’ve tried this and that but nothing is working. You feel that your treatment options are drying up.

You know, girl? I feel you. I’ve been there. Actually, I still have mystery symptoms and the responses from my doctors haven’t changed. But something happened after a relapse in 2016 that changed the course of my health and my life.

Before Green Smoothies

I wish I journaled or took down more details on the state of my health before diving into the green smoothie experiment. I wish I could show you some before and after photos.

‘Cause honestly, a part of me was skeptical and I didn’t want to get my heart broken again.

To give you an idea of my chronic issues…

Among the slew of symptoms I’ve had, the dizziness kicked my butt the hardest. Although I haven’t passed out completely, it has knocked me to the floor. I’ve tasted its fierceness almost everyday for about 9 years. Some doctors diagnosed me with BPPV while others suspected it’s Meniere’s Disease.

It affected my work, my self-esteem and my life.

In 2011, anxiety disorder hit me. The storm took only 2 months but it gripped me hard by the throat I thought I wouldn’t make it.

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Fast Forward to 2016

I had a relapse. I thought if I wanted to win this battle, I needed to regroup, strategize again and change my course of actions.

It was around this time that an online acquaintance gifted me the book ‘How Not to Die’ by Dr. Michael Greger. It was pretty impressive. I was drawn to the recovery stories.

So I was like, ‘okay, so I need to eat more plants. Vegetables and fruits.’

But I was too sick physically and mentally at the time so I wanted to try only one thing at first. Something quick and easy but will give me results fast.

After Taking A Serving of Green Smoothies Daily for 1 Year

I gulped my first serving of green smoothies on Aug 2016. After a year, here’s what happened.

  • Dizziness - frequency and intensity decreased significantly. From almost daily episodes to 3-5 times a month
  • Sleep - 8 hrs of sleep every night and naps in the afternoon are effortless. 
  • Regular pooping and normal appearance of poop.
    Check out this guide to see the different types of poop and what they mean.
  • Free from flu and respiratory diseases - I used to come down with the flu even when flu was out of season.
  • Ideal weight - I was underweight most of my life. At first, I was worried I would lose more weight with green smoothies. Surprisingly, I achieved and maintained my ideal weight.
  • Less brain fog
  • Cravings changed - it was amazing that I crave for more greens and salads.
  • PMS symptoms reduced
  • Weaned off my vertigo medication

Your Turn

Is there anything you’ve tried that has helped you manage your symptoms and transform your health? Share in the comments below.

If you’d like to try the green smoothie experiment, make sure you check out my tips here first.

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How Green Smoothies Transformed My Life

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