How This Holistic Therapist Kicked Her Depression, Said Bye To The Bloat and Other Chronic Digestive Issues Naturally

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In this article, DISCOVER:

  • The foods that helped Dayna overcome IBS, chronic digestive issues, bloating, stomach pains, psoriasis, depression and anxiety
  • Dayna's Food Pyramid
  • The common link to every disease
  • The fundamentals in reading food labels
  • Dayna's best advice on how to make lasting change on one's health
  • Her view on 'cheat day'

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1. Please tell us the story of your health issues before.

I grew up in your typical North American Family, pizza on Friday, tacos on Tuesday. It wasn't until my teenage years I realized this was contributing to the belly I had quickly developed. So I began a hunt to achieve my dream bod, giving up carbs and fat to adopt the "healthy lifestyle" and dream body I had read so much about. I ran daily, and lifted weights, salads were my bestie and I bragged about how healthy I was after downing my protein bar. I was all about the trends and fads, doing whatever I was "supposed to" do to be healthy. Yet each morning I would awake take a shot of Pepto, and chase with Metamucil to help calm the IBS, Chronic digestive issues, bloating, and stomach pains that would crippled my body. I would then apply my cream to my psoriasis and acne, you know the one loaded with steroids to calm the redness. Then begin my morning with a large cup of coffee, extra FAT FREE vanilla creme while taking my "happy pills" to help calm the depression and anxiety that held me hostage praying to not awake in the morning. BUT I was healthy, or so they said... Until I ended up in the hospital bed at 20 with morphine flowing through my veins, trying to calm the swelling in my brain from Meningitis.

2. How did real food or nutrition help you in your healing journey?

It then became my SOUL mission in life to find true lasting health, and heal my body once and for all. To kick depression, say bye to the bloat and not just life CREATE a life worth living. I began to go on a mission debunking trends, trying out everything, researching all the facts determine to make health EASY, not just for me for everyone, no matter what income, lifestyle or city they lived in. Health is our birthright, and shouldn't be hidden. So I uncovered the facts, finding the common link to everything... sugar. SO I QUIT that SH*T. I gave up the white stuff, cut out the garbage in my diet and switched to real foods, cutting out anything processed and dairy. Switching from the low fat mentality to lots of healthy fats and fibers to keep my tummy happy and full for hours! Back to the basics. Focusing on NUTRITION, not calories. Using food as fuel, as medicine. Taking on a mindful approach to meals, and learning to appreciate the food I had, eating three meals a day and cutting out the excess snacking. Life became so simple. I became so Healthy, and more than anything I was HAPPY.

Health is our birthright, and shouldn't be hidden. - Dayna

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3. Could you give us a quick list of foods you incorporate in your diet and the foods you avoid?

Foods I eat:

  • HUMMUS (must have always)
  • Tahini
  • Turmeric
  • LOTS of fresh veggies
  • Berries
  • COCONUT everything- milk, yogurt, creme
  • Avocado
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Lentils
  • Curry
  • Lentil Pasta - Explore Cuisine is my go to brand

If I were running for president this would be my food pyramid:

Dayna's food pyramid

Ones I avoid...

Products labelled and marketed as "Healthy", "Gluten Free" or "Vegan" these are often the biggest offenders on the sugar scale. I have learned the hard way to read every single label, often the labels that catch our eye were designed to do just that. These bad boys are often the biggest sources of sugar, yet they are marketed to us at a higher price point as healthy alternatives. I stay away from all processed foods with ingredients that I cannot pronounce. I keep it simple and keep it real. The biggest grocery hack I have uncovered over the years is to shop in the international sections. Yes they may not have the same fancy labels, but you can often find the same products as in the health food section, with less additives and at a lower price. Milk, dairy, cheese and variations such as whey are also on my no fly list. These are main sources of excess hormones and the lactose turns right to sugar in our body. My rule of thumb is if it has a label and has more than 6grams of sugar per serving size.... no thanks not in this bod.

Here's a quick video that will teach you how to read food labels. You'll be surprised how much sugar some 'healthy' products have in them.

4. If someone reading this is going through what you've been through, what do you think should be their first step to reclaim their health?

Learn the facts and get educated but make it a lifestyle. Diets don't work, creating a lifestyle you love does. I often get asked, do you have cheat days? And my response is, do you cheat when you are in a loving relationship?  No, you don't have a desire to. So create a lifestyle you love, and you won't have the desire to "cheat". I also say find your TRIBE, people who you can connect with, who you feel empowered and motivated by. Stevia&Spice has become that, a tribe of woman reclaiming their health and empowering one another. JOIN ours if you haven't found one yet, the more positive vibes the more we can do !

Diets don't work, creating a lifestyle you love does. - Dayna

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5. Lastly, if you could give one piece of advice on how to make lasting change on one's health, what would it be?

Don't over complicate, keep it simple and go back to the basics. There is an alternative for absolutely everything! Making a shift to healthy living doesn't mean feeling deprived or living off of salads. Find the foods you love, then make simple swaps so you aren't missing out on the goodies you love! READ every single label, and use the rule of thumb 4 grams of sugar =1 teaspoon... now picture this ... yummy right?

Dayna Langlois is the Face of a Food Revolution, taking people from the passenger seat to the driver seat of their lives. She is a Holistic Therapist and Life Coach, but more than anything she is a girl on a journey of quitting sugar and finding a spice to life through mindful living, which lead to the creation of Stevia&Spice, her upcoming book a 4 phased approach to quit sugar and design a life worth living. Connect with her:
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